Shadow on Broadway
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Shadow on Broadway is an action packed, Noir style puzzler. The game has a beautiful monochromatic colour scheme with splashes of vibrant colour, typically found within a lot of vintage and modern noir film. The game takes place in 1939, the start of the second world war, in New York, broadway central. The game incorporates many characters typical of noir style film, with the rough and gruff P.I. and the beautiful, but tough femme fatale and her lover, the mysterious and alluring Nancy. Nancy has gone mysteriously missing and a horrified Genevieve (femme fatale) is determined to find her. The P.I.’s abilities incorporate the outcomes of substance abuse, whereas the femme fatale adds a refreshing take on classic noir, incorporating magical elements. The current alpha, is a demo of the final game where the player is set to complete the first two levels of the game, leading into the investigation of missing Nancy.