About the game

You, the player embark on a story driven adventure, puzzler game. The game starts with the murder of famous broadway actress and singer, Nancy, who is the lover of co-star Genevieve. So, Jack, the Private Investigator is contacted by Genevieve to find out where Nancy is. Available currently is the alpha version of the first two levels, where you take on the role of the two playable characters to defeat the first two gangs and begin your journey to finding Nancy.

picture of Genevieve standing in the middle of a room surrounded by mannequins

Shadow Over Broadway is heavily inspired by classic Noir art style and storytelling. The art style of the game is almost completely black and white, with heavy contrasts of bright red, and blue to contrast. The two main characters, Jack and Genevieve are heavily based off classic Noir style characters and portray gender roles typically displayed within Noir film. The game also has 1930s jazz style back music.

comic style picture of Genevieve smoking, created by Kyal Wagstaff

You must solve a number of puzzles throughout the game in order to move throughout the various gang’s hideouts and find the boss at the end. Combat is used within the game to drive the story throughout the gameplay. The Player will constantly encounter enemies throughout the levels who wish to keep the Avatar away from the final end goal of the level. In order for the player to overcome these enemies, the player must make use of the avatar’s abilities, or weapons.