Our Team

photo of Kieran Pengelly photo of Breanna Smith photo of Kyal Wagstaff photo of Thomas Knowles photo of Benjamin Rowe

Kieran Pengelly

ProducerGame DesignerSound Designer

Kieran is in his third year at university, with one year left. Kieran was thrust into the role of producer at the start of the project, and has since thrived under the pressure as an organiser. Kieran’s major is Game Design, and his minor is Sound Design. His passion is narrative, and takes great interest in storytelling elements, particularly audio design. Kieran has studied world building at length and hopes to become a story lead.


Breanna Smith

Game DesignerMarketing Manager

Bree is in her third year at university with one semester left to finish her course. In this time at university she has decided to dedicate her major to game design and her minor to marketing. As such, she has completed 8 design units and 4 marketing units. During her time at university Bree has dabbled in programming, in particular Python and C# languages, she also has a keen interest in creating particle effects within unity.


Kyal Wagstaff


Kyal is in his final year of his undergraduate degree. He majors in animation and minors in game design. Kyal enjoys character animation and design, doing work in both 3D and 2D. He also enjoys 3D modelling. He has completed subjects in animation, film theory and editing, game design, and games production. Kyal hopes to become a professional animator working in the games or film Industry.


Thomas Knowles


Tom is in his third year at university with one semester left. Tom majors in Software Technology, favoring gameplay programming, and miners in game design. Tom started programming games in Game maker when he was 13, and has had an interest in programming ever since. During university Tom has also studied mobile development, and security systems. Tom hopes to one day create games that bring about real social change.


Benjamin Rowe

ProgrammerWeb Developer

Ben is currently in his third and final year of his undergraduate degree. He is primarily interested in game engine programming and artificial intelligence, and has taken subjects relating to graphics, shaders, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and is currently tutoring for an introductory graphics programming unit. Ben hopes to do research related to graphics programming after graduating.


Who are we?

Team Noir formed as a team through Queensland University of Technology as a means of completing their final project at university. Shadow on Broadway is a compilation of the team’s best assets gained throughout their education at university. We, as a team, have been working on this project for the past year and intend to continue working on the game following everyone’s graduation. Over the past year we have spent many hours working together and rolling through various different versions of our final product, in order to complete this final alpha of the game; and are proud to show the world what we have made. On this page we have noted the team’s main contributions toward the game and their contact details if necessary.